What are the risks for Lancashire?

The threat from storms and gales for Lancashire is more prevalent in exposed areas such as coastal communities, particularly when strong winds off the Irish Sea coincide with high tides. Storms can often be accompanied by heavy rainfall and have the potential to cause widespread disruption and even danger to life in severe conditions. The Met Office issues local weather warnings based on the level of impacts and the likelihood of them occurring.

How could this affect me?

Potential impact and consequences

Storms and gales can cause significant damage to buildings and infrastructure and result in fallen trees, coastal flooding,  power cuts and disruption to the transport network. Driving conditions could become very hazardous and you may be advised not to travel, and to stay at indoors if being outside has become dangerous.

What to do if there are storms and gales

  • Stay informed – look at the weather forecast and check the Met Office for weather warnings and details of risk in your area.

  • Secure outdoor items such as bins, garden furniture and trampolines to prevent them being blown into roads or through windows.

  • Close and fasten windows and doors securely.

  • Park vehicles in a garage if available; otherwise keep them clear of buildings, trees, walls, and fences.

  • Be aware of flood risk by signing up for flood warnings at Check for Flooding (GOV.UK)

  • Sign up to receive alerts and information about risks in your area.

  • Follow #lancsalert on social media.

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