As Christmas approaches, we start to see more people attending events, heading to markets and shopping on our high streets. Public vigilance at this time of year is vital when it comes to keeping everyone safe, so we’re reminding people to keep an eye on what’s happening in their cities, towns and villages. 

This toolkit contains messaging and copy that can be used, either internally or externally, by organisations, businesses, event planners and security. The assets and copy are relevant and applicable to locally or privately organised events to remind people to stay alert.

The Winter Vigilance campaign is now in its second year and aims to build on the success of last year. Our campaign approach is underpinned by insight into how the public feel about the UK terror threat and research into how those with hostile intent think, feel and behave.

Research shows that one of the most effective things you can do to deter hostile activity is to demonstrate that your staff and customers are encouraged to be, and are, vigilant, and that they know how to report suspicious activity.  

In addition, we also know that one in three people want to know more about what is being done to keep them safe by organisations and event organisers. 

We have also commissioned research to evaluate previous vigilance campaigns, and public polling is carried out quarterly to understand the public’s attitudes towards the UK terror threat.

Key insights from the polling tell us that people want to socialise safely.

  • Over 90% believe Counter Terrorism Policing is necessary and vital to keeping the country safe;

  • Over 60% believe that everyone can play a role in defeating terrorism;

  • Over 70% felt like vigilance messaging in public spaces was relevant and suitable;

  • 76% of people who saw messages encouraging them to be vigilant felt assured to follow their instincts and like they knew how to report if they saw something that didn’t feel right.

We know that:

  • the public understand that vigilance messaging is there to keep them safe;

  • they don’t feel alarmed when they see messaging from Counter Terrorism Policing;

  • they are reassured and informed on how to report suspicious activity.

We aim to maintain a level of reassurance and alertness, but never alarm the public. We have tested the winter vigilance messaging with the public through YouGov polling and this has helped us shape the language we have used, to ensure it is easy to understand. We are also grateful for advice and feedback from a campaign working group, made up of communication and security professionals from the public and private sector, which has helped to shape the campaign.

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage your staff and customers to trust their instincts and know how to report suspicious activity – anything that doesn’t feel right.

The campaign aims to:

  • Highlight how we can all play our part in defeating terrorism;

  • Increase awareness of the signs of potential terrorist activity;

  • Encourage your staff and customers to report anything that doesn’t feel right;

  • Encourage everyone to socialise safely.

Lancashire is a safe place to live and work, and the probability of getting caught up in a terror attack is small. However, whilst it is important to go about daily business normally, it is also sensible to be alert to any individual who might want to put the public in danger. If anyone is acting suspiciously it is essential to report them. The information may be vital and could prevent a terrorist incident from taking place.

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